Alkaline multipurpose grains for flour.

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Our alkaline multipurpose grains comes in amaranth, foino, quinoa, tamba, pearl finger millet, unripe burro banana and wild sorghum all from the wild and it’s 100% alkaline organic, free of chemicals and preservatives

It serves and can be used in replacement of fufu swallow of Garri, Semolina, Semovita, Wheat, Cassava, Corn meal, Ugali (a normal corn meal for Kenyans) Banku (a normal cassava meal for Ghanaians)  It’s very easy to prepare, doesn’t take up to 2mins and it’s easy to digest. Very nourishing and healthy simple meal. Full of Iron and nourishs the entire body system.

Also serves as a flour for all your bakings. Reason why it’s called multipurpose!


1 Pound (Net weight 2.04 kg (4.5lb)


5 reviews for Alkaline multipurpose grains for flour.

  1. Okwukwe Iroegbulam

    I can’t ask for more! Thank you so much Jane Nature Herbs and Cellfoods 🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️. You truly know exactly what you are doing. My mom appreciate you! We all do❤️

  2. Maurine Egondu Onye

    Multipurpose grains for all! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👌

  3. Eugene Eberechi Eje

    I can’t ask for more! Best of the bests💯👌

  4. Janet Iwundu Chi

    General food in our house! We no longer hunger for cassava, wheat and garri anymore. Keep the good work up👍💯

  5. Ifeoma Nwosu

    Soul nourishing food!

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