All Multipurpose Tea.

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We bring to you our alkaline multi-purpose healing tea!

A tea well blended with various wild plants specifically designed to address issues of restlessness, insomnia, infertility, anemia, body pains, diabetes, rheumatism, arthritis, high blood pressure, weight loss, menstrual  heavy flow, fibroids, ulcer, cancerous tumors, asthma, urinary tract problems and lots more.

It is an all round healing tea for all persons of age and to those who value health as it contains all the essential natural minerals, antioxidants and plant-based vitamins which will assist in repairing and nourishing your body cells. One need not to be on any other medication intake once you started taking this great tea as it is all that you need and a tea you would love to take all the time because of its great healing properties.

PREPARATION: Boil 3 cups of water. Turn of the fire. Use a small handful of the dried herb and add it to the boiled water to steep for at least 30 minutes.


12oz/350 grams

16 reviews for All Multipurpose Tea.

  1. Grace Anyanwu

    I call it magic alkaline multipurpose healing tea! It is a must have for every household👌💯

  2. Abdul Shehu

    Magic tea❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.

  3. Angela Udoka

    You are the best Jane Nature Herbs and Cellfoods❤️❤️❤️! Keep the good work up👌👍👏

  4. Olakunle Adams

    You are a gift to humanity Jane Nature Herbs and Cellfoods! Great tasteful healing tea

  5. Edwin Ndubuisi

    Very potent and powerful👌

  6. Dorothy Mamfe

    You are simply a living legend Jane Nature Herbs and Cellfoods. Thanks for being real💯👍👌

  7. Chinasa Nwaiwu. O.

    No more homonial imbalances and heavy bleeding. This product is a must with me always.

  8. Patrick Ume

    Jane Nature Herbs and Cellfoods, please kindly provide more information on this powerful product. Spread the word out! This product is more than what is listed here. It’s a magic multipurpose tea💯👌

  9. Amara Onyeka

    I ordered this product to address anemia but found out its more than just an ordinary herb. This magical tea not only helps me build up low iron but melts and flushes out a fibroid tumor i have been battling with for years.

  10. Ifechi Mahakwe

    My mother said we can run out of anything in the house but not this product. It helps her to sleep soundly as well as brightening her eyes.

  11. Lawrence Mmuo

    My wife being asking if I’m on any sexual enhancement pills? I had to open up and tell her the truth, because I have been battling with low sperm and can’t perform sexually as I should. I thought she would be angry but only to join me. Please, kindly waybill 2 more to us as soon as possible. Payment already made.

  12. Sarah Moses

    This is magical tea! Very effective for all aliments.

  13. Chidera Ofoegbu

    This is what I call complete alkaline Minerals. I no longer buy any synthetic supplements or vitamins.

  14. Nduda Maryann (Cameroon)

    I specifically ordered this product for HBP. But it’s more! Not only does it work effectively, it helps heal my mother of a Rheumatic pain and arthritis.

  15. Yakubu Dauda. I.

    With this product and no matter how stressful my day is, I’m always sure of sleeping soundly and waking up energetic and relaxing.

  16. Ego

    Very good for lowering blood pressure

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