Anti-tumor and Anti-cancer.

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We bring to you our Anti-tumor and Anti-cancer healing tea, which are made up Guinea Hen Weed, Soursop root, Cleavers, Momordica Charantia, Sew Haw, Devil’s Backbone, Concansa and few other West African Indigenous Active Herbs that addresses issues of cancers  tumors and purifying of the blood and healing of the entire body system.

PREPARATION: Boil a handful of the root in a 150 cl of spring water, at a lower heat for 45 minutes, turn of the fire. Use a small handful of the dried herb and add it to the boiled water to steep for at least 25/30minutes.



7 reviews for Anti-tumor and Anti-cancer.

  1. K. Brenda

    Product made with so much love, dedication, trust and thoughtfulness❤️! I give thanks for coming across your beautiful healing website🙏. You always keep to your word👌💯.

  2. Innocent Ogoke

    Real anti-tumors remedy!

  3. Juliana Ogenemeh (Rivers)

    Truly effective and recommendable👌

  4. Cain Robert

    Magic tea💯❤️❤️❤️❤️🌟👍

  5. Ngozi Ebebe

    When we came across your website, we thought it might just be same with other websites but we were wrong. You are not only out for the money but general well of the population. My uncle is gradually recovering and without no surgery of any sort. He only sticks to the food list you gave to us and takes his teas religiously. He prays for you everyday. Thank you so much for giving us your word.

  6. Georgina Mpere

    You said it’s for Cancer and other tumors but first time I took this tea, I felt a liquid watery substance coming out from my body and behold, the fibroid i have been battling for years got melted and was coming out of it’s own. Before this product, I have been operated of fibroid for two times and yet no way. This tea has restored my being a woman! This tea has wiped out my tears and shame.

  7. Patience Zara

    Come to the UK! We are rooting for you. I didn’t pass through the chemotherapy again because of this tea! Thank you so much for giving me your word.

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