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We bring to you many benefits of bay leaves include their ability to detoxify the body and protect it from bacterial infections, slow the aging process, speed wound healing, manage diabetes, improve heart health, reduce inflammation, alleviate respiratory issues, optimize digestion, and prevent certain types of cancer.

Bay leaf treats digestive disorders and helps eliminate lumps, Heartburn, Acidity & Constipation. Helps regulate bowel movement by drinking hot bay tea. It lowers blood sugar and bay leaf is also an antioxidant. It allows the body to produce insulin by eating it or drinking bay tea for a month. Eliminates bad cholesterol and relieves the body of triglycerides. Very useful in treating colds, flu and severe cough as it is a rich source of vitamin “C”, you can boil the leaves and inhale steam to get rid of phlegm and reduce the severity of cough. It protects the heart from seizures and strokes as it contains cardiovascular protective compounds. It’s rich in acids such as caffeic acid, quercetin, eigonol and bartolinide, substances that prevent the formation of cancer cells in the body. It eliminates insomnia and anxiety, if taken before bed, helps you relax and sleep peacefully. Drinking a cup of boiled bay leaves twice a day helps with the issue of kidney stones and heals infections.

PREPARATION: Boil 3 cups of water. Turn of the fire. Use a small handful of the dried herb and add it to the boiled water to steep for at least 30 minutes.

PRECAUTIONS:   As always, please consult with your physician before using any herbal solution.

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