Fennel seeds (Foeniculcum Vulgare)


Do you know that fennel chewed after a meal  neutralizes stomach acid, sweeten the breath and help digest fatty foods?  Well, Fennel is one of the best all -round herbs.
Fennel is a diuretic, which means that it increases the amount and frequency of urination, thereby helping the removal of toxic substances from the body and helping in rheumatism and swelling. It also increases the production and secretion of milk in lactating mothers and since this milk contains some properties of fennel, it is an anti-flatulent for the baby as well.
 It strengthens hair, prevents hair loss, relaxes the body, sharpens memory, and has a marvelous cooling effect in summer. This can be achieved if the pale, greenish-yellow water, in which it is soaked, is ingested with a bit of sugar and black salt.
Improves Brain Function
Treats Diarrhea
Treats Colic
Boosts Immunity
Regulates Menstruation
Promotes Breast Enlargement
Eye Care
Treats Respiratory Disorders





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