We bring to you our mouthwash paste naturally produced from myrrh powder, palm tree leaf powder, native banana root extract, fennel, anise star, wild mint, coconut oil, cloves, ginger root extract and raw sea salt.  It is free from any form of harmful chemicals especially fluoride which is not good for the human brain. Fluoride makes your body absorb extra aluminium.  And where does the aluminium go?  Your brain.


Our mouthwash helps you get rid of bad breath, abscessed tooth, dry mouth, gum disease, mouth ulcers, mouth breathing, periodontal disease, poor oral hygiene, disorders of the metabolism, sinusitis tooth decay, brightens your teeth and keeps your mouth fresh all day.

HOW TO USE:  With your one hand finger, put a little powder of mouthwash in your mouth and brush with your tooth brush then let it sit for 10 minutes, spit out into garbage can. Please, if the mouthwash contains coconut oil, kindly do not spit into the toilet or sink.  Spit it out in the garbage can.   Clean your mouth morning and night for maximum freshness.  And it’s healthy and recommended for everyone to use both adults and children. And while it’s recommended for children, always be watchful so as them not to swallow it.


12oz/300 g


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