Pollen bee flower


Ever heard of Pollen bee flower tea before?

Pollen tea flower is a powerful longevity-boosting and anti-aging superfood one should not ignore especially if you are recovering from a severe illness, trying to add weight and battling with insomnia. It is a complex and nutrient-dense food that supports vibrant health.

Relieves inflammation

Work as an antioxidant
Boost liver health
Strengthen the immune system
Enriched with minerals
Eases symptoms of menopause
Reduces stress
Increases sexual activity and boost energy
Speeding healing, etc
Do you want to gain weight? While on plant-based lifestyle? Pollen tea flower is for you.
PREPARATION: Take a hand fist of it and add in your boiling kettle for about 3-5 minutes and bring to steep. You can choose to add cloves, key lime or ginger if you so desire.
WARNING: Pollen bee tea flower is not safe for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers. And should not be taken for a longer period.




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