Sew-haw (Combretum migranthumc)


Seh haw! One of the West African most healing powerful plant, mostly found on hills in West Africa countries.
(Kinkeliba also known as tree of life of is used for making teas and traditional medicine)

It’s effective in purifying of the blood, Detoxification, Anti-Diabetic, Liver support, Weight Loss, Anti-cancer, Opiates detox, Gallstone relief, Boost sperm and fertility, etc

As  a tonic tea that helps promote longevity and wellness, Seh-Haw has an impressive list of benefits as part of its folklore…

  • Promotes healthy and calm digestion
  • Helps with weight control and healthy weight management
  • Contains powerful antioxidants for anti-aging benefits
  • Helps with relaxation, self-care, and restful sleep


12oz/350 grams


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