Potential Health Benefits Of Mucuna Pruriens ( also known as Velvet Beans, Cowhage, Cow-Itch, Lacuna Beans,  Mucuna Beans, Magic Beans, and so on) is a leguminous plant that naturally grows in some Africa countries. Generally, it is cultivated  in tropical and sub-tropical regions across the world because of its effective medicinal properties.

Mucuna beans  has been used traditionally  in Africa and Asia because of its effective medicinal properties in managing some health conditions like neuro disorder,  sexual and fertility dysfunctions, inflammatory diseases, snake and scorpion toxins, aging, depression, anxiety and diabetics. That is why it earned the name ‘Magic Beans’.  Let us examine how the plant has been useful for these  remedies:

Brain Health Improvement:  The presence of Levo Dopa (L-Dopa) in Mucuna Pruriens is responsible for the production of Dopamine. The increase in level of Dopamine in the body is known to improve and normalize motor control, mental focus, memory and general brain health.  It has been used primarily for the management of Parkinson Disease and Hormone Imbalance.  Snake and Scorpion Bite, Poison Neutralizer,  Mucuna Pruriens possesses glyco-protein substances that enable it to neutralize the venoms of snake and scorpion bite.

It has been used widely in Nigeria for treating snake and scorpion bite poison.

Anti-Aging And Rejuvenation:  The dietary proteins and minerals in the plant help in nourishing the tissue and fluids of the body. This results in improved skin texture, decrease in wrinkles and other aging features.

Improved Sleep Quality as an Adaptogen, Mucuna Pruriens promotes better and quality sleep. It thus helps relax the body, decrease stress and anxiety.

Diabetes Control:  Mucuna Pruriens contains a medicinal substance known as a-chiro-inisitol, which exhibits some properties similar to insulin and is believed to help lower high blood sugar.

Anti- Inflammatory Properties: Phenols and Tannins present in the plant has been found to combat inflammation, viruses and other microbes. Dopamine also  function to normalize hormone production and balance. This makes Mucuna Pruriens a useful remedy for arthritic pains, Rheumathoid Arthritis and other Auto Immune Deficiency conditions.

Osteoporosis Reversal:  The presence of active minerals like Calcium and Potassium boosts bone growth and increases bone density. This helps reverses Osteoporosis in old people.





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