Wonderful kola (Hydrocotyle Asiata)


Wonderful kola, an ancient Indigenous African powerful nut/herb known for memory enhancement, acts as a cleanser of the blood, improves learning ability and strengthens the central nervous system, and also very effective in the treatment of menstrual cramps.

It’s also useful in the treatment of hypertension and prevents premature aging, it has also been prove in Africa that wonderful kola has the ability to stop migraine headache when on the forehead for about ten minute.

It is very reach in vitamin k, C, and other minerals.
It is used in preparation of local herbal therapy for the treatments of various ailments such as cough, typhoid, asthma, urinary tract infections, insomnia, ulcer, diabetes, rheumatism, arthritis, glaucoma, cancers, etc.

As earlier mentioned, it contains a lot of active ingredients that can reverse many diseases like memory loss, cough, chest pain, waist pain, irregular menstruation, pile, malaria, weak erection, hypertension, premature aging, dysentery, headache, alopecia, mental malfunctioning, minor burns, scars, scleroderma, skin ulcer, varicose veins, wound healing, rheumatism, blood diseases, congestive heart failure, urinary tract infections, venerable diseases, hepatitis, high blood pressure phlebitis, leg cramps etc.

Wonderful kola also improves blood circulation, strengthens veins and capillaries, it purifies blood, it is used for HIV / AIDS treatment, eczema, epilepsy, insanity, hypochondria, hair loss, immune system boosting (cleansing and nourishing) skin conditioner, convulsions, elephantiasis, psoriasis. It also strengthens the adrenal gland and cleanses the blood to treat skin impurities.

It combats stress and depression, increases libido.  It is used externally for burns, psoriasis, prevention of scar formation following surgery, recovery from an episiotomies following vaginal delivery of a new born and treatment of external fistulas. It contains tritter periods which strengthens the skin and increases the concentration of oxidize in wounds.
It also restores inflamed tissues by increasing blood supply.

Also an anti-poision remedy.

Pharmaceutical industry cannot afford to leave it out in production of their products as indeed its useful.

It reverses:

Asthma cough
Purgative and cholera
Typhoid fever
Migraine Headache
High blood pressure & low blood pressure
Conjunctivitis(Eye problem)
Menstrual pains
Irregular menstruation
Family planning
Gonorrhea, STD, Syphilis, Staphylococcus
Poor erections
Skin infections
Ulcer, and many more

It’s a sure nut you wouldn’t want to toy with.

NOTE: We instruct further on how to use it effectively when you purchase it.


1 piece each


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